Scripts for tutorials

Bow 1 video transcript:

Tying bow: 

First off, it is best to use a piece of ribbon that is double-faced. A lot of ribbons are only fancy on one side – and the back side is plain. You’ll have an easier time of it if you don’t have to worry about this. If you do have a ribbon that is only fancy on one side, I’ll show you here how to deal with that. 

Have a longer piece than you think you need, especially if tying around something. Trimming is easy but making a ribbon is a lot more difficult – especially if it means having to go buy more. 

Take your ribbon, and if right handed, have the left side of the ribbon piece longer. You’ll use more ribbon in one side than another, so the ends will be more even if you start with the left piece longer. For lefties, do the opposite (you can find the left-handed version of the tying tutorial here: 

Tie your first knot. If this is going to be on something that will have strain on it – like the belt ribbon around your sister’s wedding gown – you can tie a double knot to make sure it stays in place. Try to tie it snug enough that it will stay, but not so snug that no one will ever be able to untie it again. 

Take your left side, and fold it gently on your finger, bringing it across to the opposite side. Use your thumb to hold that side of the bow in place, like so. Grab the long piece and bring it up and around the first bow side. Your fingers are still holding that bow side in place. Using the fingers of your other hand, gently tuck the long side through the loop to create the bow for the other side. At this point we have a very loose, kind of messy bow. Here is where those of us with “knacks” for bows shine – from here we just gently pull and shape to get that perfect shape. By pulling gently on both loop sides, we’ll tighten the tie part in the middle. This is what will control the tension and shape on the all the other elements of the bow. To get your bow loops smaller, gently pull on the trailing pieces. This is where patience pays off, even if you’re half tipsy on champagne and your sister is extremely anxious. Voila! Bow