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Breeyn McCarney is a fashion designer and artist working in Toronto. Trained in tailoring and hand-embellishment techniques in London UK, she applies old-world skills to modern pieces. She approaches fashion as an aspiration art form rather than prosaic utility, and loves working with artists of other mediums to create images. She launched her eponymous label in 2010 with her collection Hard Boiled Wonderland. Heist Toronto, a boutique design team (twin brothers Colin and Sean Chow) worked in collaboration with her to create a book of images as a companion piece to the collection, as well as the branding she has used for the label since. A limited number of books were printed and hand-bound.

Other notable collaborations from the last eight years include:

The Paper Dolls collection, a collaboration with creative technologist Christopher Lewis. Every piece in the collection was painstakingly hand-cut by Breeyn and Christopher, and then the LEDs and accompanying tech run through them. These were featured in a runway show during Toronto Alternative Fashion Week (FAT), and appeared as an editorial in Superior Magazine.

Breeyn also worked with Christopher on the first-ever knitted Elwire garment. The outfit was featured in Herringbone Magazine as part of an article featuring new technologies in fashion.

Breeyn collaborated with painter Irena Komadinic on the Vessel collection in 2012. Irena hand-painted fabrics, while Breeyn applied her knitting and hand-beading skills. Photographer Natalie Kucken photographed the pieces for the accompanying editorial.

Breeyn worked closely with the NC Studios creative team, directed by artist Erika Fung, producing a handful of mini-collections based around themes with artists on the team [1] [2] [3]. These collections were featured in a runway show, as well as Flawless Magazine. The team also created a series of fashion films to accompany the show. One of the projects with the NC Studios team, photographed by Arline Malakian, was recognized by NAHA when they were shortlisted for the Best Salon Team award.

Breeyn has several up-coming collaborations planned with artists she admires, and is very excited to take on more styling and creative direction roles in addition to her designing.