June 13th – Pride, art, and interfacing

Happy Pride Month!

Hello kittens! I slept 9 hours last night! It was AMAZING. Feeling much better today. Apologies for the delay on the newsletter, the last three weeks have been bananas busy. I am still in full-on bridal season, but I’ve regained a bit of ground I lost from the time I had to take off for my injury. Hopefully things will be a bit more chill going forward, and I shouldn’t be late on anymore newsletters. Not for awhile, anyway. We’ll see how I do in August.

Anyway, Happy Pride!

Here is a round up of images from LGBTQ+ artists ? You can click through images to read more about them. Jennifer Crawford isn’t a beading artist, but their brain works so magically that I couldn’t not include them in a round of up queen artists who work so well with texture. Plus, THEY JUST WON MASTERCHEF CANADA SEASON 6! I had already written this week’s newsletter before I knew that – though I was so sure they’d win ???

Jennifer Crawford

Jeffrey Gibson

Michelle Anais

Craig Calderwood

Stitch Guy

Pride tank tutorial!