July 23rd – Quick little tulle flower tutorial

This is just one technique for creating these. I’ll do another one later that shows a couple other methods. I used these ones on Valentina’s gown, and promised I’d show you how I made some of them.

A couple extra notes – the music in the background might be distracting, but not as distracting as the sound of my husband playing video games downstairs, ha ha. The music is Lights, I go see her acoustic show on Saturday and I’m super chuffed.

A note about materials: I used white illusion ┬áin this tutorial, so that it would show up enough to be seen. Usually I would use a much softer, finer tulle, like English tulle or silk tulle, which means a lot less bulk in the middle of your flowers, and not as much area to hide. But you’ll still get the gist, I think.

Here is the tutorial: