Our first tutorial vid today takes you through both how to tie and how to stitch perfect bows, and the second shows you how to make this awesome bow clutch!

Materials and tools for tying bows:

Materials and tools for stitching bows:
-sewing machine (optional)

You can get horsehair trim in Hamilton at Discount Fabric Mart and Sussman’s, and in Toronto at Leather and Sewing Supply.

The tied bow in this video is right-hand dominant. There is a left-handed version for the tying part below.

I’ve included the transcript (sort of) of the video here for accessibility.

I also made a version of the bow-tying method for left-hand dominant people


Our second tutorial vid is for creating this adorable bow clutch!

Materials and tools required:
– 3/4 meter of scuba knit fabric
– 7 inch zipper
– scissors
– thread & needle
– sewing machine
– zipper foot

Helpful additions:
– pins
– point turner
– chalk


You can download the pattern I made here, or use broadcloth to create your own like I do in the video.

You will be able to purchase a kit with the pattern and all the materials to complete this project soon! 🙂